Friday, February 25, 2011

Sleepless Week

It's been exactly one week since my new bundle of joy has finally come into my life.

 Arriving Home

This also marks one week of sleepless nights. Being a new puppy mommy sure is a 24-hour job. Waking up in the middle of the night to crying, cleaning up accidents, taking him outside to potty almost every hour, preventing him from teething on absolutely everything in sight, and the list goes on. Even so, there is nothing else I'd rather be doing right now. He is truly such a sweet joy. He has already warmed my heart and enhanced my life in a way I couldn't even imagine. 

He's also super smart -- which is a good thing, and also means I'm in for a lot of work ahead. It takes a smart dog to figure out how to open doors, garbage can lids, and cause major trouble! He's only 8 1/2 weeks old and already mastered commands such as "outside" and he knows to sit by the sliding glass door when he has to go potty. Seriously. And I didn't even "train" him. I just said the words when he was doing the actions and praised him. Like I said, super smart -- which is definitely a blessing, and a bit of curse ;)

He's also already had play dates with other dogs. My uncle's Maltese, Casper, and my friend's Shih Tzu, Oliver, have already introduced themselves to Figment. I'm glad to say they've gotten along tremendously and I'm so glad that he enjoys meeting new people and animals. Once he gets completely inoculated, I have no doubt he'll cherish trips to the dog park and puppy kindergarten.

 Figment and Oliver

Anyway, I'll keep posting Figment's progress as he adapts to his new home, makes new friends, and has new experiences. He loves exploring -- totally fearless! That's why he's now nicknamed Figment the Explorer. As much as I chase him around, pull grass out of his mouth, clean up accidents, etc., it is so worth it in a way words can't even describe. I'll gladly trade my sleep for those puppy kisses any day!

 Who can resist this face?


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  1. He's such a mush! So cute! I can't believe he's already almost "potty-trained"!!! He's sooo smart!