Thursday, February 17, 2011

Puppy Breath and Babies

He's coming home this weekend. My little adorable, mush-ball, new puppy who I will name Figment. I don't pick out the actual pup until tomorrow but here are my options:

Figment's Litter

It seems like I've waited so long for this day to arrive and now that it's pretty much here, I can barely contain myself. The house is being puppy-proofed, the furniture doused in Bitter Apple spray, and his crate is set up. As I was overlooking my home yesterday, making sure all F's supplies have been bought and ready to use, I couldn't help but feel like I'm going to be a new mother.

Don't get me wrong, I know owning a puppy cannot truly compare to having a baby. They aren't even in the same league. But considering I'm not married and have no children on the way, as a woman of 30, my puppy acquisition may just be kicking in my maternal instincts. 
Make no mistakes, I'm not, and have never been, one of those crazy baby women. I don't want to have kids without first being married, and besides that, I've just never had that "baby itch." Do I want to settle down with a husband and eventually raise a family together? Of course I do. But, I just never go gaga over babies. I don't care about your baby's pictures, I don't see strangers' babies in the street and say, "Isn't she cute?", and I have very little tolerance for babies screaming in restaurants and movie theaters. 

** Disclaimer: I do adore some babies. My niece and my cousin's daughters make my heart melt. Also, I adore some of my best friends' babies. I just don't get all hard up on any little baby that crosses my path. Although I have been known to gush over mini baby sneakers... Adidas size 2 months is just adorable

But I digress... it seems that while I have no concept of how it feels to be an expectant mother, as I await my puppy's arrival, I am having feelings that I can only describe as maternal. First of all, I love this creature before even having met him. I would already do anything to protect and take care of him and he hasn't even spent one day with me yet. Secondly, I am willing to sacrifice for him. I understand that I won't have the usual freedom that I'm used to. But that's ok. I'm willing to sacrifice nights out or certain opportunities to ensure that Figment is happy and is well taken care of. Moreover, I'm proud of him and will love him no matter what happens. There is literally nothing he can do that will make me love him less. I may get frustrated, hurt, angry, or sad, but that will never diminish my love for this adorable doggy.

While I'm not going to walking around my dog in a stroller anytime soon, I am very excited to be a puppy mom! I'm sure all you fellow dog owners out there understand ;)

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  1. soooo cute! I can't wait till you bring home Figgy and take LOTS of pictures!