Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Three Alter Egos

There are three women who've really made an impression on me. They don't inspire me in a First Lady or Finding the Cure for Cancer type of way. I just really adore their style. Or they have a certain mystique that I dream of possessing. Or something about them intrigues me. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if I could acquire a combination of certain traits from the following three women, I'd do really well at parties.

1. Edie Sedgwick

The definition of hot mess and Andy Warhol's signature muse. She had an affair with Bob Dylan. "Like a Rolling Stone" is believed to be about her. Not that that's a good thing, but it's pretty cool that she inspired one of Dylan's biggest masterpieces. She was beautiful with awesome style. Factory Girl is one of my all-time favorite movies. I choose not to dwell on the fact that she became a completely drugged-out mess who ended up in a mental hospital.

2. Brigitte Bardot

The epitome of mysterious sex kitten with perfect hair at all times. She doesn't even need to say anything, she's that intriguing. I would love to look like young Bardot. Seriously, who knows how do my hair like that?

3. Holly Golightly

Yes, I know that this is Audrey Hepburn. But, who I adore is not the actress herself, but the character Holly Golightly as portrayed by her. Her attitude and personality is just so refreshing. She says the most hilarious yet truthful and blunt things. Plus she plays a mean "Moon River" on guitar. One of her mottos: "I'll never get used to anything. Anybody that does, they might as well be dead"

I think I just figured out my Halloween costumes for the next three years!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

With friends like these...

Some say, “Friendship is like wine, the older the better.” Others say, “If a person has five friends at the time of their death, they’ve led a good life.” All of that is true, I suppose. But, who is a friend?

Friendship is a funny thing. It can be based on anything. When you’re a child, often times your friends are just based around who else lives in your neighborhood or who you go to school with. Most people’s childhood friends are their best friends, yet the pickings were relatively slim to begin with.

** Disclaimer – I love my childhood friends, who are really my best friends, and would pick the same ones had I chosen them out of everyone in the world. **

As we grow older, we encounter endless opportunities to make more friends. We make friends at work, at college, at various events regarding a mutual interest. We make friends with random people we meet out, that we ordinarily would never encounter. Plus, in today’s day and age, we even make friends we’ve never met before – people we interact with on Facebook or Twitter that we get along with but whom we’ve never actually even talked to on the phone.

Some of these newer friends can disappoint you and I guess it’s not too much of a shock when that happens. But what about those disappointments that you never saw coming? I had a “best friend” that I’ve only known for the past 4-5 years. We spent every day together. Literally. My photo album is full of the best, most insane memories that always bring a smile to my face. We were partners in crime, always together. 

 Just like Thelma and Louise

Although this would be considered a newer friend, I honestly put this person in a category of bests, which included those friends that have known me since elementary school. We had little arguments here and there, but always came out smiling, laughing, and causing mischief together on the other end.

Those are now memories from long ago and far away. Friends do sometimes drift apart, especially one of them finds a new circle of friends that doesn’t include the other person, or one of them starts dating somebody new who takes up a lot of their time. But, isn’t the point of a strong friendship the fact that people can drift apart a little here and there, or make their own other friends, and yet they still take the time to maintain your relationship?

I have a couple of friends that I’ve known since I was about ten years old. Some of them I’ve always stayed in touch with on a regular basis. One of them I’ve stayed in touch with, but she’s now married with a child and we barely have time to see each other. The other, I lost touch with, and only recently reconnected with but I still feel like she’s a sister to me. We actually joke that we’re the same person inside. What makes these friendships so real is that all that time can pass and distance can come between us, yet we’re still there for each other and view each other the same way as before.

This newer best friend, however, has all the opportunity in the world to continue our friendship. I reach out to her all the time, yet she never seems to actually make the time to respond. Instead she’s just moved on to the next group of friends. I always had this person’s back. I forgave her for things without asking, I supported her in situations where most people wouldn’t. Yet, I guess none of that matters. The only thing left for me to do is try not to get jaded by the experience. New friends can be true friends, and can turn into some of your best friends. You just have to expect some disappointments sometimes.

Anyway, I guess I’m just venting… it sucks, it hurts, and I just needed a platform to say all this. So I said it here. At least I have my real friends to cheer me up :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do the Truffle Shuffle

Come on, Chunk.. Do it!

This is the image that probably popped in all of your heads the minute you read the title of this blog. Why? Because we all love the Goonies and know that Goonies never say die!

Last night, I watched Shawshank Redemption with somebody who is 29 years old and has managed to never see this movie before.

 Isn't that weird, Red?  I know, Andy, I know.
The way this came to be was that I noticed Shawshank on my TV channel guide and remembered a conversation I previously had with this person, let's call him "S", in which he admitted he has never seen a lot of movies that most of us consider part of our collective culture. Anyway, I recorded Shawshank and finally made this person watch it, to which, at the end of the movie, he replied, "It was pretty good."  Of course it was pretty good! It's the Shawshank Redemption. There's a reason TBS plays this movie on a repetitive loop for 48 hours at least one weekend per month!

S has also never seen, among many other generational classics, The Goonies. I asked him how he has never seen The Goonies at some point while he was growing up. His response, "I played outside a lot. I didn't really watch movies." This is what I didn't get. After all, me and all my friends played outside as children. And when we were inside, we were usually playing interactive games that made us use our imaginations. We played with Barbies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures, and made up games in which we pretended to be He-Man and She-ra or "Teenagers". Either way, we definitely didn't spend all our time glued to the tube.

Yet, somehow there are just certain movies that you assume everyone has seen at some point. We may not know when we first saw these films, but at some point, we just did. Like the Goonies -- I may not remember when I first developed my crush on Brand or laughed at Chunk, but at some point I just did, and you saw the movie too. It's almost a defining characteristic of my generation -- we love the Goonies.

S has also never seen The Neverending Story or Labyrinth.  He didn't get why I considered naming my dog Falcor.

 Falcor, the most lovable flying luckdragon (or as I call him, dogdragon) ever

Therefore, I have decided to force S to reclaim his lost 80's childhood by compiling a list of movies that I will force him to watch, probably against his will. You can't just go around and not know what someone is talking about when they mention Falcor or One-Eyed Willie. S doesn't know that Jake Ryan drives a red Porsche or that David Bowie is an androgynous goblin king. S can't even finish this simple sentence, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya.."

 Do I really need to repeat myself again?

So, to all my fellow 80's children out there: What childhood movies have become a part of our generation's culture? What 80's movie does everyone have to see, at least once?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Puppy Checklist

Today I received a weekly update email from my puppy's breeder. The pups are already 4 weeks old, and in a few more weeks, my little guy will be ready to come home.

Since I know that the unexpected can always arise, I want to make sure I'm prepared for the little guy to arrive well in advance. To begin, I've compiled Puppy Checklist. I want to  make sure that I have all the necessary supplies in place for his arrival.

Puppy Checklist:
1. Puppy Food
2. Leash and collar
3. Crate
4. Bed
5. Toys
6. Chewing bone
7. Shampoo
8. Grooming supplies
9. Treats
10. ID Tag
11. Vet appointment

I'm probably missing something (all suggestions are welcome!!) but I feel like it's a pretty good start...  I can't wait to pick him out in a couple of weeks!

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Blog, New Puppy

First of all, as you all can see, my blog has been updated thanks to my fabulous cousin, Erica of erica miss america and Erica Sara Designs.Her blog is awesome, inspiring, and humorous and her hand-crafted jewelry is just stunning. I wear my Erica Sara necklace all the time! A big Thank You to her!

Anyway, my blog is a lot more fun now and offers a bunch of new options. I'll be posting my first pics for Project 365 soon so if you want to see what's been going on in my daily life, be sure to check back under the Photography header on top, or by clicking on the 365 Days of Pictures box on the left side of my blog.

Also, as you can see, I have a new header titled, "My Dog." That's right.. I've actually accomplished goal #1 on my 30 things to do when I'm 30 list. The puppy is a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier born on December 27, 2010. In a few weeks, he'll be coming home and I'll be posting a ton of updates and cute pics. I know some of you have been enjoying the puppy pics I've posted on facebook, so be sure to check back here for more.

In the  meantime, here are some pics of the litter:

Puppies and Mom

He's one of these little guys

Nap Time

Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes Recap - Best & Worst Dressed

Last night, I tuned into see the Golden Globes. The GG's are one of my favorite award shows because it includes both movies and tv, plus it's not as stuffy as the Oscars or Emmys so you get to see your favorite actors cut loose a little bit and show a more natural, relaxed, and playful side to their personalities.

Unlike many people, I thought Ricky Gervais did a great job hosting the event.

He "went there." He "crossed the line." And it was hysterical. These celebs need to be put in their places, and its fun for the audience to make fun of them. Introducing Bruce Willis as Ashton Kutcher's dad was hilarious. Speaking about a movie called "I Love You Philip Morris" which has two straight actors, Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey, portraying gay men, and then saying it's the opposite of some Scientologists we know.. was hilarious. Of course, Hollywood couldn't take these jokes and shot back at him, saying he was mean-spiritied and all. But, I thought it was great.

I got to catch a glimpse of some of my favorite leading men -- Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Colin Firth, Hugh Laurie, Jim Parsons, and more. And I was so happy for Jim Parsons, Chris Colfer, and Boardwalk Empire for winning their awards.

But, let's be real for a moment. The main reason I tuned in to watch these awards last night was the fashion. I love the red carpet. I love seeing what crazy ensembles Helena Bonham Carter is going to amuse us with. (Seriously, she's like the acting world's equivalent of Bjork when it comes to red carpets) or how beautiful some of the hair/make-up and dresses are. This years trends included nudes, peaches, and greens. Let's see who nailed it and who missed the mark completely.

Top 10 Worst:

Angelina Jolie - Sticking with green, she's trying to look elegant and conservative. She looks like too conservative, like a character out of Big Love attending the awards show.

Anne Hathaway - I usually really like her style choices on the red carpet. This time though, she took a cue from Angelina Jolie's shoulder-padded, conservative look (in front, the dress is actually backless) and made it even worse by making it totally 80's with her goldish sequiney beads or whatever all over the thing.

Halle Berry - First, choose long or short. Second, she looks like she's trying way too hard to look young, edgy and sexy. Sexiness comes from confidence and should be seemingly effortless (no matter how much work you actually put into it). Here, she reeks from desperation.

Helena Bonham Carter - I am only putting her on this list because obviously you have to. She is a walking disaster. But she almost doesn't deserve to be on this list. Unlike other actresses on this list, her fashion misses are not mistakes. She intentionally wore two different color shoes. She knows she dresses wacky with mismatching clothes. That's her thing. That's her style. It's like placing Betsey Johnson on a worst dressed list. She's not worst dressed because it's the embodiment of her personality, not poor judgment on picking out a dress.

Michelle Williams - I know many people adore her fashion and think she's the queen of pixie-like indie fashion. She's not one of my personal favorites but I understand the appeal. Here, however, she fails. She doesn't look like a quirky, indie flower child. There are too many daisies and it hides the elegance of the actual cut of the dress. You barely notice the beautiful draping. Without all the flowers, it would be a gorgeous dress. Having too many daisies make it look like a ten year-old picked out her dress.

Heidi Klum - This is a shocking person for me to put on my worst dressed list. I love her style and she usually hits it out of the park. Here she misses the mark, though. Perhaps the big bow in the front is her downfall. But, I think it's too busy and with the bow, an overall eyesore.

Tilda Swinton - She is the worst dressed of all. I get that she's into the whole androgynous Annie Lennox thing. If she wants to rock a suit, or even a tux, I get it. But, this is just hideous. The white and yellow clash. It doesn't fit. It looks like she took a button down shirt from the men's section at TJ Maxx and threw a huge yellow garbage bag over the rest of herself.

Leighton Meester - She made the same mistake as Angelina Jolie, but went with the nude trend instead of green. Too matronly to the point where it loses its glam.

Julianne Hough -  The collar is too bulky. She looks like a Cleopatra wannabe. Or perhaps she was inspired by those women in National Geographic with all the metal rings around their necks.

Julianne Moore - First of all, many of you may disagree but, I do not like when redheads wear hot pink. The pink is way too neon/bright and it clashes with her hair. Moreover, the draping is horrible. It looks big, bulky, and misshapen. The entire dress seems to have been inspired by Tilda Swinton's hideous pants. The sleeve also looks ridiculous.

Top Ten Best:

Megan Fox - I am not a fan of Mrs. Brian Austin Green. However, she looks much better here than usual. I think her dress is fun and edgy on top but simple, elegant yet sexy on the bottom. Hair, makeup, and a touch of contrast on the top half of the dress shows how to rock the nude trend.

Natalie Portman - People seem to have been really torn regarding this dress. It seems half love it, half hate it. I think it's great. If she wasn't pregnant, I think the big red rose in the dress would probably look hideous and ruin the rest of it. But, with her bump, I think the dress was perfect. The rose gave it a touch of elegance, some adornment and while showing off her bump in a beautiful, tasteful fashion, the flower served to take away some of the attention from it. This way, you aren't just drawn to a big belly walking down the carpet, but you notice the whole dress, the gorgeous draping, and the beautiful face of the actress wearing it.

Emma Stone - Beautiful, simple, elegant, sexy. If you want to go with the peach trend, this is the best way to wear it. Peach can often come across too loud. Here Emma wears the dress instead of the dress wearing her. Keeping it simple makes you notice the actual shape of the dress and the person behind it.

Claire Danes - Here she also rocks the pink-peach trend. Once again, she pulls it off by keeping the dress simple and elegant. She wears the dress, it doesn't wear her.

Jane Krakowski - Here's how to dress late in pregnancy. The bump is not hidden but doesn't detract from the actress. The neckline paired with the earrings draw your attention to the face and upper body. Moreover, the dress itself is just gorgeous. I love everything about it, even if it was worn as a regular dress, not altered for maternity.

Catherine Zeta-Jones - The personification of class, here CZJ really conquered the green trend. She opts for a deep green that enhances her beautiful hair and features. It doesn't wash her out or make her look sickly, as some lighter greens do sometimes. Also, the dress itself is just gorgeous. Perfectly elegant yet sexy. It's also multidimensional instead of boring like Angelina Jolie's dress.

Dianna Argon - This is another example of how to wear nude. She looks like a Greek goddess. The hair and jewelry complement the dress perfectly. The dress is elegantly draped over the body and creates the nude effect without washing her out.

Mila Kunis - Like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mila Kunis chooses the right shade of green for her complexion and hair color. The dress is beautifully, interestingly wrapped around her body to showcase her figure while maintaining elegance.

Helen Mirren - Age appropriate and elegant. She looks like a royal who is dressed absolutely perfectly.

Jenna Ushkowitz - Flirty, frilly, fun, classy, elegant, and perfect for a young rising star.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Project 365

While reading my cousin, Erica's blog, erica miss america, I came across a post regarding something called Project 365. Pretty much, this inspiring project instructs you to take one picture every day for a year.

What a great idea!! I love taking pictures as it is and always have my camera on hand. As the website suggests, looking back upon these pictures allows you to see your life from a whole different perspective. You have a record of the mundane, the extraordinary, and everything in between that you've experienced as you go on your journey through this world.

I just turned 30 a couple of months ago. I made a to-do checklist for this year. I also made some resolutions I hope to keep. To follow this up, I am going to partake in Project 365 and document my journey during this pivotal year in my life. Following in Erica's footsteps, I will also be posting my weekly photos every Sunday. I hope you all check back here often and follow along with me as I shed some light on my everyday world.