Friday, January 21, 2011

New Blog, New Puppy

First of all, as you all can see, my blog has been updated thanks to my fabulous cousin, Erica of erica miss america and Erica Sara Designs.Her blog is awesome, inspiring, and humorous and her hand-crafted jewelry is just stunning. I wear my Erica Sara necklace all the time! A big Thank You to her!

Anyway, my blog is a lot more fun now and offers a bunch of new options. I'll be posting my first pics for Project 365 soon so if you want to see what's been going on in my daily life, be sure to check back under the Photography header on top, or by clicking on the 365 Days of Pictures box on the left side of my blog.

Also, as you can see, I have a new header titled, "My Dog." That's right.. I've actually accomplished goal #1 on my 30 things to do when I'm 30 list. The puppy is a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier born on December 27, 2010. In a few weeks, he'll be coming home and I'll be posting a ton of updates and cute pics. I know some of you have been enjoying the puppy pics I've posted on facebook, so be sure to check back here for more.

In the  meantime, here are some pics of the litter:

Puppies and Mom

He's one of these little guys

Nap Time

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  1. LOVE the new blog layout!!!! and can't wait to see more pics of Figment!