Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crazy Dog Lady

I'm officially obsessed... with Figment! I've totally morphed into one of the people I personally find most annoying -- "look at my baby" women!

Believe me, I get it - no one else is as interested in your dog/baby/cat/other-cute-living-thing as you are. And I hate when people always want to show pictures and tell you about what their baby did that day. But now, look at me -- I've become totally obsessed with everything Figment. I'm like the Wheaten Terrier paparazzi at this point.

Granted, I've only had him for two weeks so I have a bit of a right to be super excited for a little while. I'm sure it will die down eventually. But, for now, please bear with me as I continue to document his every move. Ha ha...

And yes he has a Twitter and Facebook page (I know, ridiculous, but I couldn't help myself)

Find him on Twitter: @FigmentDog
Find him on Facebook: (use email:

It might be annoying --  but for all my fellow dog owner friends out there, I would love the opportunity to talk about things with you and meet up for playdates!

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