Thursday, August 26, 2010

Guess I can be a MasterChef, too

Even after promising myself I wouldn't start watching new show, I'm fully into MasterChef. Basically, I had no choice since I adore Gordon Ramsay. Since discovering him during the first season of Hell's Kitchen, I've watched all his shows -- all seasons of Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and now, MasterChef. MasterChef is a reality competition show in which amateur cooks compete against each other for the title of, what else, "MasterChef." What makes this show different is that these contestants are real amateurs. They have occupations that do not involve the food industry (except for two servers). They cook for fun, for their families, etc.

They have real skill in the kitchen. There are many disappointments in each episode (after all, they aren't professionals) but there are also a few of them that could be competing on Top Chef or Hell's Kitchen. However, last night was just ridiculous. During last night's episode, I had a revelation... I could be a MasterChef too.

They had an elimination game in which the contestants had to identify foods based on sight, touch, and smell. They couldn't taste them. They had 25 ingredients to identify. The highest number identified was 11. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  I could identify at least 15-20 just from seeing them on TV. Just some examples: Golden Raisins, Nectarines, Butternut Squash, Catfish, Papaya, Salmon, Filet Mignon, Rosemary, Starfruit, Blue Cheese, Brie, Rhubarb, and Black-Eyed Peas.  Yes, there were about 5 or so ingredients that seemed foreign to me. But, for the most part, anyone who visits a supermarket, let alone is vying to be a masterchef, should be able to identify the majority of them. The guy who lost, couldn't identify starfruit. No, really. He couldn't name starfruit.

WHAT? I should be on that show. I could lose every cooking competition and still avoid elimination against these people. Actually, based on their cupcake challenge, I probably wouldn't lose every cooking competition. Plus, as a bonus, I could meet Cat Cora! Yes, she was the guest chef last night.. lucky amateur horrible chefs!

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